The Malkavian Kitten (tribble) wrote,
The Malkavian Kitten

ok, the move is complete
new chapter in my life...
those who want to be part of it have the chance.

the others can really go fuck themselves.
I had something big and meaningful planned out...then I took a nap and forgot it all.

I was going to post pictures...but I don't really care for everyone to see....

every entry either has been or will be deleted...
I'll hold on the livejournal email until my paid account expires in September.
I'm moving again in August.

you want me, I'm giving you access to find me (I got really sick of people telling me that I could have called them...I've been beyond busy, and most people have no idea the hell going on since March...and if you know 1 or 2 stories, then you're missing the other unless you're the Mouse you don't know the story)
blah blah...

otherwise, don't waste my time by telling me "good luck with the new journal" I heard that from one close friend who no longer gave a fuck...

if you don't care, don't waste my time or yours.
If you want me, I'm here...but ask...I haven't been talking to much of anyone lately.
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